Mireia Covas | MALLORCA

On December 11, at 3.15pm, the 3SAT channel will broadcast the documentary that delves into the life of Archduke Lluis Salvador, shot in Mallorca last month. September.

  • Direction and script: Rosa Maria Plattner
  • Production: GS Film, Gernot Stadler


A Habsburg in Mallorca. Lluís Salvador and the magic of the sea (synopsis)

He was Archduke of Austria, Prince of Tuscany and cousin of Francis Joseph I. Exceptionally, his abilities and capabilities were extraordinary. He had received an exquisite education, but was open-minded and did not adapt to the demands of the Court.

She traveled and researched the Mediterranean with her sailboat Nixe , under the pseudonym Ludwig Graf Neudorf. It wanted to arouse the interest of the public in the unexplored regions: the Aeolian Islands, the Ionian Islands and, in particular, the Balearic Islands, where the Archduke eventually settled.

His works testify to the capacity for universal creation: he was a botanist, ethnologist, collector, historian, artist, poet. His wandering activity led him to explore the whole Mediterranean region “in word and image”.

His work in various volumes on the Balearic Islands, territory and population, fauna and flora, geology and mineralogy is still considered today as the greatest achievement of his research activity. His entire life was dominated by the desire to learn, to travel, to describe, to understand and to preserve.

Pictures of the here and now, combined with historical sequences, photographs, reproductions of the original works, letters and original quotations by Lluís Salvador, offer a complete picture of an extraordinary man endowed with great talent.

The documentary, with the collaboration of the Mallorca Film Commission, focuses on its role inside the Habsburgs house and on the long-term effects of its extraordinary ethnographic work, especially on that makes in Mallorca.

In his private “kingdom” in the northwest of Mallorca, he rode hiking and horseback riding trails, built several buildings and renovated a guest house. Hunts were banned from their possessions and trees could not be felled.

The Archduke created a nature reserve and pioneered sustainable tourism.

The different stages of Lluís Salvador’s life, intertwined with scientific research, are the central focus of the documentary, which will be broadcast on December 11 at 3 pm.

Contact director: Rosa Maria Plattner