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Campanet is a municipality of Mallorca. It limits with Selva, Escorca, Pollença, Sa Pobla and Búger. Ses Fonts Ufanes constitute an hidrogeologic phenomenon, and are produced by the spill of the aquifer that arises of shape relatively diffuse, sudden and powerful after the accumulation of sufficient rains in the zone. They end on the Torrent of Sant Miquel and crossing

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Sa Calobra is a cove in the town of Escorca (Mallorca) and at the same time is a town that takes its name from a small village that was in the vicinity. It is famous because it is close to Torrent de Pareis and it is difficult to access, a road with many curves. The

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  The Nature Reserve is formed by three islands: Pantaleu, Mitjana and Sa Dragonera; besides it has an important Area of Marine Influence that contains part of the resources that uses the fauna of the littoral of the park. As a whole 908 ha, of that 274 form the surface of the nature reserve. It

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Mallorca Film Commission

You can count on our continuous support and our professionalism throughout your filming and throughout the production process: shooting permits, logistical and legal advice, search for qualified professionals with wide experience, scouting ... And all the information you may need.

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More than 300 sunny days during each year

Majorca’s mild climate combined with clear light and long sunny days provides ideal conditions for any film shooting. Take advantage of the 3640 square kilometers of beautiful landscape with the deep blue background of the Mediterranean sea.

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High technology infrastructures and great professionals

Majorca has the services of audiovisual companies and highly qualified and varied professionals. Film and video equipment, sets, actors, service companies...

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